Energy storager power source - High capacity 38000mAh


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Powerpack/energy station  for portable power outdoor or in field. Fullfills the needs of even the most power hungry, allows simultaneous use of both 12 and 5V outputs, leading a truly versatile experience. The power pack contains the technology to not only charge up you mobile/tablet, but also run a high power lamp, it i svery versatile too. It boasts a huge capacity of  144Wh/12Ah@12V/38000mAh@3,7V, wich in layman´s terms is enough to provide ab iPhone 6S with 15 full charges or run a 100W bulb for approx 1.5 hours. The powerbattery has a rugged shell with an poerindicator, comes with port covers and carry case to ensure it´s kept safe. Have 3 USB ports and 1 1V cig port.


Kapacity: 144Wh/12Ah@12V/38000mAh@3,7V

Input: 15V 2A max

Cigg output: 12 15A max

Size: 175 x 105 x 42mm

Weight: 975 g


1 X Energy/battery station

1 X AC-adapter

1 X Cigg chargecable

1 X Manual


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Energy storager power source - High capacity 38000mAh

Energy storager power source - High capacity 38000mAh